CPSH Seed Grant Program 2020

 The Center for Planetary Systems Habitability (CPSH) is soliciting applications for funding under a new seed grant program. The program is designed to fund new or expanded research opportunities that will enhance the strategic goals of the center. There is up to $100k available (total) to fund seed projects that are expected to lead to future proposal opportunities to external funding agencies, to be submitted through the CPSH. We encourage CPSH members at the postdoc or more senior levels to apply. Student participation is also welcome, with a senior mentor as the lead. The seed grant funding will go to UT based CPSH members in this year’s program but we also encourage collaborative research with external CPSH partners. 

The proposals will be evaluated by the CPSH executive committee. Our evaluation criteria include:

  • Research programs that fall under the strategic goals for CPSH (see CPSH Vision & Philosophy; attached)
  • While not required, programs that develop or enhance interdisciplinary research will be viewed favorably
  • Funds can be allocated to support: partial or matching funds for graduate student or postdoctoral researchers; development of hardware or software products to enable habitability research; travel support; equipment; and limited salary
  • Demonstration that the proposed work will lead to research proposals to external funding agencies or foundations that will be run through CPSH

To apply, please submit a proposal to the CPSH (via email to cpsh_ec@utlists.utexas.edu).

Download a PDF of this form.

Please include the following information: 



Proposal (4 pages total: up to 3 pages for science justification, including figures and references and 1 page for budget and schedule) including: 

A. Rationale and Vision 

B. Justification 

C. External funding landscape 

D. Top-level budget, budget justification, and schedule 

After review, we will select one or more proposals for seed grant funding. Our goal is to complete the evaluation by June to accommodate potential summer salary support requests.