Announcing a new step in the search for life on other planets, and how we might find it

Our Research Focus

Life Tile

Co-Evolution of
Life and Planet

What physical conditions does life require to start and to flourish, and where are the settings to find such conditions?

Atmosphere Tile

Planets and Atmospheres

How does life begin and evolve through its interaction with atmospheric, surface, and subsurface nutrient pathways?

Galactic Tile

The Galactic Environment

What regions of the Milky Way galaxy are most habitable for complex life?

Latest Events

January 25, 2021
1:00pm – 2:00pm

Information Storage in Abiotic Sequence-Defined Polymers – Their Potential for Replication and in Seeking Molecular Complexity

Eric Anslyn
Professor, Department of Chemistry, College of Natural Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin

To join the seminar please contact: David Goldstein

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