Seminars – Spring 2021

Back catalogue of CPSH Seminars. Click the images below to watch a recording of the seminar.

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Anslyn Seminar Cropped

January 25

Eric Anslyn
University of Texas at Austin

Information Storage in Abiotic Sequence-Defined Polymers – Their Potential for Replication and in Seeking Molecular Complexity

Unterborn Seminar Cropped

February 8

Cayman Unterborn
Southwest Research Institute

A Matter of Time: The Coupled Role of Stellar Abundances, Exoplanet Radiogenic Heat Budgets and Climatic Evolution
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Wisian Seminar 2021 Cropped

March 1

Ken Wisian
University of Texas at Austin

Geothermal Energy in the Outer Solar System

Krissansen Totton Seminar Cropped

March 22

Josh Krissansen-Totton
University of California, Santa Cruz

Anticipating exoplanet biosignatures with coupled atmosphere-interior evolution models

Hirabayashi Seminar Cropped
Video unavailable

April 12

Masatoshi Hirabayashi
Auburn University

Small bodies are suppliers, builders, and destroyers of habitability: Understanding their contributions to the lunar surface ice evolution and preventing their impacts on the Earth

Sun Seminar Cropped
Video unavailable

April 26

Chenguang Sun
University of Texas at Austin

Magmatic controls on atmosphere oxygenation

Tikoo Schantz Seminar Cropped

May 10

Sonia Tikoo-Schantz
Stanford University

Lunar Magnetism