Seminars – Summer 2020

Back catalogue of CPSH Seminars. Click the images below to watch a recording of the seminar.

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Meadows Seminar Cropped

May 6

Victoria Meadows
University of Washington

Terrestrial Exoplanet Characterization and the Search for Life

Lakrout And Tisato Seminar Cropped

May 27

Carole Lakrout & Nicola Tisato
University of Texas at Austin

The Biotic Influence on Speleothem Morphology
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Waite Seminar Cropped
This video is available on request. Please contact to request access.

June 17

Hunter Waite
Southwest Research Institute

Exploring the Habitability of Enceladus and Europa with Mass Spectrometry

Baker Seminar Cropped
Video unavailable

July 8

Brett Baker
University of Texas Marine Science Institute

Exploring new branches of life for the origins of eukaryotes

Wisian 2020 Seminar Cropped

June 29

Ken Wisian
University of Texas at Austin

The Overlooked Risk of a SETI Success